Oracle integrates machine learning in IT security and management

Oracle Chairman and -CTO Larry Ellison showed how new machine learning capabilities in cybersecurity transform both IT security and IT management. The new capabilities are an integral part of improvements in Oracle Management Cloud, a complete and integrated solution for IT security and IT management, which enables organizations to monitor and analyze their operational and security data within one and the same environment.

“Existing methods in the area of ​​security and management are inadequate. That also appears from the headlines about security attacks and bad performances, “said Ellison. “Our vision of security and management is simple: you need all data in one location. We need specially developed machine learning to be used by security and operations specialists; not by data enthusiasts. We need automated troubleshooting, which eliminates human activity. And that’s exactly what we’ve built with Oracle Management Cloud. ”

‘Companies lose the cyber war’

“Companies are losing the cyber war. And it gets worse every year. Companies need to protect themselves from nations and sophisticated cybercriminals stealing their data, “said Ellison. “We need to set new priorities and reconsider how we protect our information. We need new systems. Our people against their computers are not what you want. We lose that war. Our computers against their computers; that must be it. Because you’re not mistaken: it’s real war. ”

“The way to safeguard data and prevent data theft is more automation. We need a defense system that automatically detects weaknesses and attacks, “says Oracle CTO and founder. This response provides Oracle according to Ellison with Oracle Autonomous Database and the company’s automated cyber defense systems. “The Autonomous Database and our automated security system are based on a new technology, namely machine learning. Machine learning is the most important technology for a long time. It looks at all log-ins with all IP addresses and urls, and distinguishes normal behavior from abnormal, risky behavior. ”

Upgrade and backup without downtime

“The database is capable of upgrading, supplying, patching, backing up and tuning itself. And because there is no human intervention, no human mistakes are made, “said Ellison. “The Oracle Management Cloud has a unique data architecture, allowing you to manage any technology – on-premise, in our cloud or other clouds – without integration. We have developed all parts so that they can interfere. We bring data together, we analyze that data, we detect deviations, and resolve it automatically. It’s one system. Relatively easy to use; much simpler than other systems. ”

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