Vodafone loses lawsuit against KPN about abuse of power

Telecom Group KPN abuses its strong dominant position on the Dutch market to prevent competitors.This judges the judge in a case that was vowed by Vodafone.

Vodafone went to court in 2015 and accused KPN of abuse of power. The company has been providing television in the Netherlands since 2011 via the Reggefiber fiber-optic network, which was incorporated by KPN. However, this network only consisted of a part of the Netherlands at the time. In order to get a national coverage, Vodafone therefore concluded an agreement with KPN to access the company’s copper and fiber-optic network.

Systematically hindered

However, the UK telecom group claims that KPN has delayed and systematically hampered access to this network. Ultimately, by this delay, Vodafone could not offer national coverage until 2014. The UK telecom company claims that KPN has abused its dominant position in opposing Vodafone in gaining a position in this market.

Vodafone estimates that the delay caused a loss of EUR 115 million and sought compensation from KPN. Here, however, the court is not involved .

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