VMworld 2017: Virtual in every cloud

An important red thread that ran through VMware’s presentations during the latest European edition of VMworld was a simple transition to the cloud. The collaboration with AWS and IBM illustrates the direction VMware has put into it. Ultimately, the infrastructure must be able to run in every cloud.”Standardize those resources and make available so that you can get started with building your cloud is the cloud foundation .”

“We notice that every IT organization is actually busy increasing the speed from time to market, new services and applications,” says Leon de Werker, Senior Regional Director Benelux at VMware. “The scale needed for this can often no longer be realized on a premise. Customers want to go to the cloud. “That’s why VMworld 2017 was a sign of migration to the cloud, on all major platforms. In the American edition of VMworld, the collaboration with AWS was already announced. This was good at Barcelona, ​​in addition to confirmation of intensive collaboration with IBM.

Jitka Beukenkamp, ​​Enterprise Manager Netherlands at VMware says: “We broaden the relationship with IBM. We see that there is currently a lot of traction around the propositions we make with IBM. Many customers are interested in it, and I see that we can offer more services now. And also wider services. ”

Hybrid cloud

She continues: “Hybrid cloud is a subject that is very embraced by our customers. In particular, cooperation with AWS is important. It has been announced before, and will come to Europe at the beginning of next year. Then we can finally make use of it. That’s very exciting. ”

Boudewijn Aelbers, Senior Manager Presales Benelux at VMware, adds that the intention is to implement the cloud as easily as possible for customers and partners by simplifying the infrastructure layer underlying it. “Standardize those resources and make available so that you can get started with building your cloud is the cloud foundation . That’s the first important step. ”

Public cloud

“When you are going to use clouds and manages, you will not only use your own cloud but also clouds from other companies, the public clouds. You want to use it in an unambiguous way. For this reason, the cloud management layer is important again, so you can use your standardized cloud implementation in-house, but also in an unambiguous way. ”

“Intelligently, with insight into the functioning, use, results and, of course, the cost. You have to manage that. One of the beautiful announcements is HCX: The services that our cloud providers can now offer to companies to migrate their internal organization in a single, easy and measurable way to the cloud. ”


“Installing the cloud, managing the cloud, but also migrating your current applications to that cloud is all done in a simple, unambiguous and insightful way. In addition, of course, we also have the applications, making it available to customers. That’s with Unified Endpoint Management. It’s no longer any device, how many devices or applications you want to use. We are able to offer it to one of our customers in one work space: installing clouds, using clouds and finally making the applications available to end users, that’s what VMworld is all about. ”

One of the customers present at the European edition of VMworld is Wouter van Duijvenbode, IT Manager at Novamedia. He says: “VMware’s business benefits are very concrete time-to-market of our IT services and the support and adoption of new technologies. So we use VMware as a platform to roll out services. That goes very fast. Three years ago, we spent four days getting a website in the air, now we do it in five minutes without the manual action being taken. VMware is essential to get that done. “

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