Epson exposes triple-bottom-line benefits of inkjet

Epson launches the ‘It’s your choice’ campaign, with Epson’s vision that companies in Europe have a choice when it comes to the printing technology they use. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the so-called triple-bottom-line benefits of inkjet-to-laser printers (either the benefits of inkjet for economic, ecological and social) and how the choice of printing technology by companies affects the wider image, namely on the environment and society.

Despite the many research and analysis within the printing industry, which show that inkjet printer technology is now better than laser technology, this is certainly not achieved by all companies in Europe and thus embraced Epson. And since sustainability and the future of society are high on the corporate agenda and the reporting of non-financial activities is becoming increasingly important, ink technology can make a significant and positive contribution to eco-efficiency and the productivity of the staff involved, Epson believes .

According to Epson, it is very important that companies understand the reality and importance of inkjet versus laser and invite them to participate in a  short survey  (2 minutes) that will shed light on this issue.

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