Despite a court ruling, which in 2014 has already ruled that the extra costs are not correct, the survivors only succeed under the co-payment after months of correspondence, writes the Volkskrant.

The levy can cause people who have completed a nature insurance at Yarden or at the predecessor of Yarden, AVVL. Such insurance does not make money but compensates for specific funeral services. It is estimated that several hundred thousand people have terminated such insurance.

Yarden wanted to cancel this insurance in 2007 and informed policyholders that the new insurance would cover a package of funeral services valued at up to 3,733 euros. That is badly unpacked because funerals have become much more expensive in recent years.

The damage that Irma has now inflicted, has secured Trump in case. He has an insurance at the National Flood Insurance Program (NIFP), a government agency for homeowners at the coast. So if Mar-a-Lago has a loss, Trump is also secured through the NFIP, the NFIP confirmed at the Huffington Post . He does pay the full premium, without subsidies, according to the spokesman.

There is much criticism of the NFIP: it often accounts for too low premiums and has suffered heavy losses for years. “If it were a normal insurance, it would be bankrupt,” says a professor who investigates the policy in this area. “But it’s a political game because of the people who live on the coast.”

Last year, the program already had a $ 23 billion debt to the US Department of Finance. And now, the cost of hurricane Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida is still included. Critics say government government insurance encourages people to build homes too close to the coast . And it discourages self-protection of houses, for example, by building on an increase. Because it costs the owner money while the accident is for the insurance.

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