PQR wins tender Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum

Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum has issued a tender for the purchase of IT management. The Foundation wanted to contract one party to carry out the assignment until November 1, 2021. PQR has won the tender and is responsible for the IT infrastructure within the Foundation over the next four years.

The Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation (SRL) has more than 6500 secondary and primary education students and nearly 1,000 employees, including in Wassenaar, Oegstgeest and Sassenheim. SRL unites eightteen schools and offers Dutch, bilingual and international education. IT policy is not just part of school policy, but has its own place in the school plan. Schools are working intensively with electronic learning environments, where the student can also work from home to his school assignments. With IT, SRL provides a contribution to education, support business processes and communication.

Continuity and Future Resistance

The main objective of this tendering was to contract one party who, until November 1, 2021 (with two optional renewal options 2 years), is responsible for the transition to and availability of a reliable, cost-effective and future-fast IT infrastructure. The requirements and objectives of SRL focus on continuity and future resistance. Continuity because IT for SRL, her students and her own business is becoming increasingly important. Future resistance because education through the rise of mobile devices can be offered in a way other than via desktop computers, and the demand for a flexible workplace, depending on time and place-independent work, increases. Therefore, the IT environment must always work.

PQR has won the tender and will increase the quality and flexibility of its services in the coming years. The offered IT infrastructure is a desktop-as-a-service environment, allowing users to use their place of work, time and device independently of their workspace and all applications. PQR has determined how the underlying private and public cloud infrastructure has been arranged taking into account the fact that the management of the on-site workplace environment is minimal.

New IT environment

PQR has designed the new IT environment and is in the process of implementing. For each school and the board of directors, a basic training for employees for the use of the virtual workplace is developed and offered. For IT support and co-ordinators, a two-day training at the management board is provided with regard to the functioning of the virtual workplace, the overall IT environment, how to handle incidents, problems and changes.
PQR manages the back and front end infrastructure professionally and on the basis of ITIL. The new IT infrastructure must be operational and fully completed and accepted by 1 November 2017.

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