Tortus ICT, Fencer and Pure Factory further as Xiphos

Tortus ICT, Fencer and Pure Factory will strengthen their current collaboration. As of October 1, 2017, the three organizations continue under the new name: Xiphos. Strengthening the market position and offering a broader pallet of IT related services are the reason for the merger and that there is a clear match, according to the partners. After a long engagement, the bullet is now through the church. They are committed to a long-term commitment.

Tortus ICT, Fencer and Pure Factory have been merged since July 2015. In recent years, everyone has operated under her own name in the market. Tortus ICT in Project Financing, Interim Management and Recruitment & Selection. Fencer in the field of Managed Services, Consul tancy, Service Management & Projects. Pure Factory as a leader in IT, process and skills training. Time is now ripe for the bundling of all the forces and knowledge they have at home. “By combining the three organizations we create an innovative, quality-driven IT service provider offering a wide range of services,” said Co-Director Frank Rijns.

Greek sword

Xiphos represents an ancient sword of special strength. It is a struggle, but it also offers protection. It’s effective and sharp, does not challenge it and shows guts as needed. Xiphos wants a new way in the IT sector and adds IT departments of customers concrete and measurable value that contribute to organizational improvement. “By demonstrating the commitment of our clients, we are gradually gaining weight in the others and always wanting to step up. In addition, the expertise and good communication skills and personal skills of Xiphos employees are an important pillar, “said co-director Jos Beeloo.


XIPHOS is located in Hilversum and operates with 120 employees from self-governing teams. The company carries out the provision of temporary expertise, services and advice within IT Infrastructure. In order to better serve the customer, the company distinguishes four business units; Xiphos Ser-vices, Xiphos Staffing, Xiphos Consultancy and Xiphos Academy. The board consists of: Terry van Schaick, Jos Beeloo, Frank Konijnenbelt and Gerard Wouters.

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