Zyxel introduces the Multy Whole Home WiFi Mesh

Zyxel introduces the Multy Whole Home WiFi Mesh. Zyxel’s Multy Solutions are designed to deliver the reliable, fast and smart Wi-Fi connection needed to enable connected homes.

Multy consists of two variants: Multy X and Multy Pro. Multy X is designed for consumers who want a simple yet powerful Wi-Fi solution for the whole house, which they can manage themselves with an intuitive app. Multy Pro offers service providers a remotely manageable Wi-Fi solution that allows them to maximize their subscribers experience thanks to advanced Wi-Fi services and improved customer service.

Zyxel Multy provides a powerful network of Wi-Fi signals that prevent white spots and seamless Wi-Fi coverage. This allows users to move freely throughout the house without worrying about the connection. When users walk and go from one room to another, the Multy network automatically switches their devices to the Multy channel with the best signal.

With Multy X Whole-Home WiFi Mesh, home users can easily set up wifi that provides coverage throughout the house and easy to manage through an app-based setup, or via Amazon Alexa voice control. The tri-band system ensures the highest possible speeds and maximizes network performance of connected devices. With the intuitive, graphical Multy X app, users will browse the installation process within a few minutes and easily manage the home network.

The Multy Pro Managed WiFi Solution is designed for service providers to provide a suitable solution that meets the unique requirements of each subscriber at home. Service providers get insight into the connected homes via the Remote Management TR-069 and TR-181 and save time with the Multy Pro automatic configuration feature. They can also significantly reduce their service costs, due to fewer helpdesk calls and maintenance visits.

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