The twentieth edition of Dutch IT-Channel Magazine is out!

The twentieth edition of Dutch IT-Channel Magazine is out ! Dutch IT channel celebrates its first lustrum this autumn and we would like to thank you first and foremost for your continued interest in Dutch IT channel. We started this platform with enthusiasm in 2012, partly at the request of many parties from the Dutch IT business. Today we are a powerful information and business platform, bringing together channel partners through our website, magazine, events and social media channels.

We have recently spoken interesting people and visited many events. For example, editors Hans Steeman spoke with Steve Wozniak , who, together with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, laid the foundation for the world’s most highly rated company in the world: Apple Inc. In the Dutch IT-channel magazine, you can read how Wozniak looks at the IT business.


In this edition of Dutch IT channel you will also find the result of Computer Profile research which companies are relevant in the Dutch networking and storage business. In addition, we talked to different parties about channel partners with regard to cloud, data centers, management, infrastructure, security, distribution, digital transformation, data archiving & availability, mobility, workplace and other interesting growth markets.

Dutch IT Channel Awards

An important event where we bring people together and offer opportunities for networks are the Dutch IT Channel Awards. The event will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2018 in Studio21 in Hilversum’s media park. On this third edition, TV presenter Anita Witzier, ambassador of Hulphond Nederland, presented 20 Dutch IT-Channel Awards. Stichting Hulphond helps people with physical or mental care through the use of a helping dog. We will focus on Hulphond Netherlands in the coming months and hope to be able to achieve a great check at the foundation during the festive award.

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