Wipro becomes technology provider for McLaren Technology Group

Wipro, oursourcer and supplier specialist in IT, consulting and business process services has become the official technology provider for the McLaren Technology Group to help promote digitization in all business activities.

Wipro will help McLaren to realize the recently established IT strategy, focusing on providing differentiated next-generation IT services to business departments. Emphasis will be placed on maneuverability and improved reliability. As part of this multi-annual partnership, Wipro will use Wipro HOLMES’s artificial intelligence platform and its next generation managed services framework to offer flexibility and promote the productivity of McLaren’s fast-expanding automotive and high tech industries. the two partners.

In the world of Formula 1, McLaren has built a reputation as winner of 20 world championships and participant in over 180 games. The reputation of the McLaren brand has been further strengthened during the last decade by the development of a division for high-quality elite sports cars. McLaren Technology Group has recently expanded its scope and influence through the McLaren Applied Technologies department, working with other companies to develop groundbreaking solutions in a wide variety of areas such as manufacturing, sports, healthcare and financial services.

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