DTC and other initiatives against cybercrime explained during Holland Strikes Back

The cyber security event Holland Strikes Back will be celebrating several new topics this year, including the Digital Trust Center announced on Prinsjesdag. In addition, interesting speakers like Rejo Zenger from Bits of Freedom and Theo van der Plas from the National Police are speaking. Holland Strikes Back will be organized on 3 October at the Louwman Museum in The Hague. It is the fourth edition of the event.

Marc Gauw, director of the NLnet Foundation, claims that the ransomware outbreaks in May and June 2017 illustrate that cybercrime has now become a serious crime. Soon together with DHPA and the Netherlands, ICT is co-initiator of this DINL event. “We read everywhere that cybercrime leads to significant economic damage or even threatens vital infrastructures. This year we first noticed what that means. The fact that the vending machine in a parking garage does not work because it is infected with ransomware is annoying, but it is more seriously detached as a container terminal for weeks. And then I do not have care institutions that need to shut down almost all processes because equipment has become unusable. It once again emphasizes the need for events like Holland Strikes Back, where stakeholders,

There’s work to be done

“We see that there is more interest and alertness for cyber security, but there is still a lot of work at the store. Meanwhile, cybercriminals are also not silent. It is still too early to make very strong statements, but I take into account the possibility that 2017 will be judged retrospectively as the year in which cybercrime and its combat reached a next maturity level. ”

With the advent of cybercrime, it refers to the Digital Trust Center (DTC) announced on Prince’s Day. The establishment of a DTC has been recommended for some time by the DINL Foundation and DINL Participant Netherlands ICT. The center is intended to provide the entire Dutch business community that does not belong to the vital infrastructure with advice at both general and operational level. This represents an important next step in the coordinated fight against cybercrime. Employees of all companies need to know what to look for and how to minimize risks. The arrival of the DTC as a trusted, authoritative contact and information point for the BV Netherlands is therefore very welcome.

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