FNV chooses Hyarchis Legal

Trade Union FNV implements the Hyarchis Legal software solution. The solution supports the FNV in the digital processing of legal services in terms of work and income for the regional offices of the Individual Interests Department.

The combination of the four unions FNV Bouw, FNV Sport, Abvakabo FNV and FNV Allies resulted in the use of three systems. In order to carry on a digital process further, the FNV created a strong demand for one overarching system that promotes cooperation between employees and makes information more transparent.

Central platform

The software Hyarchis Legal offers this solution. Hyarchis Legal supports digital work from any device. All involved can communicate through a single platform: a system in which all information about a case is centrally recorded, managed and shared. The software solution includes an online work environment with modules for customer communication and document management. With the system, FNV lawyers can also take over from different regions, because all the documents are stored centrally. In 2018, the system will be linked to the digital environment of the court case.

“Clients become more demanding, earnings models are under pressure, competition is growing and the permanent workplace fades,” says Marijke Vos, CCO of Hyarchis. “To be future-proof, it is important that business and document processes be digitized. Because Hyarchis Legal is specially designed for the legal sector, the FNV is able to take this step in a short time. The intended live show is around the turn of the year, while preparations are still being worked hard. “

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