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Jabra expands Evolve series with UC enabled wireless earphones

Jabra, player professional communication and audio solutions, extends his Evolve series with the Jabra Evolve 75th – for the first time this series is expanded with earplugs design. There have already been sold over 2.5 million units from the Evolve series.

Since its launch in 2014, the Evolve series has been designed to work focussed and without distractions. Jabra indicates that the biggest blockages of office worker productivity are environmental noise and interruptions. Research points out the neighbors office workers indicate that their personal productivity is influenced by ambient noise, according to Jabra.

Therefore, the Danish sound expert was the first to bring Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and Busylight to the office environment. The Evolve 75e brings a recognizable consumer design to the professional environment and still holds all the features of the Evolve series – wireless freedom, great sound, compatibility with UC, ANC and the busylight.

According to Jabra, the earliest form factor is a business tool for sound and freedom, which enables collaboration, concentration and productivity to be maintained in busy open office environments without the need for specific silence spaces.

Enable focus and work without distraction

Bluetooth stereo earphones are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories, according to Jabra. Employees looking for a solution that fosters focus and distraction-free work and finds a wearing style that can be used both private and business. As is well known, 3 out of 10 (31%) of business professionals use earplugs in their work environment

According to Jabra, the Evolve 75e has been designed to meet this development, using Jabra’s unique microphone expertise that preserves professional call quality. The neck wear style offers mobility and flexibility – this improves office collaboration and provides flexibility for those who are in and out of office.

With the standard Jabra Evolve UC certification launch availability, earbuds provide high quality of conference calls, this seams the UC adoption seamlessly by intuitively sealing the gap between mobile phone and computer.

This announcement follows the successful launch of the Evolve 75 earlier this year. Now Jabra assures users of a true choice for those looking for the same features and quality in earplugs, so this product is called the Evolve 75th.

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