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Microsoft and Facebook connect 160 TBit / s internet cable between US and Spain

A new submarine internet cable connects Europe and the United States (US). It is a cable with a maximum capacity of 160 terabit per second to transport data. The data cable should improve connectivity between both continents and beyond.

The project is the work of Facebook, Microsoft and Telxius Telxius. The project lasted just under two years, which is three times faster than similar projects with submarine cables according to Microsoft. The intention is that Facebook and Microsoft will use the capacity of the connection. The remaining bandwidth is available to other parties.

From Virginia Beach to Bilbao

The cable starts in Virginia Beach in the US state of Virginia and the Spanish Bilbao. The new connection was named Marea. The submarine cable is 6,600 kilometers long, with more than 5,000 meters below sea level. The cable weighs 4.65 million kilos.

The choice for Virginia is quite obvious because the region is one of the most important data center hubs in the world. On the side of Bilbao Marea joins networking hubs in Europe, but also to Africa and the Middle East.

Better redundancy

The connection follows a similar route as other submarine cables between Europe and the US, but is physically separated. That must ensure better redundancy in natural disasters or other incidents.

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