Amazon works on smart glasses

Following Microsoft’s Google Glass and HoloLens, Amazon also wants to market smart eyewear. It will forward audio through bone guidance and supported by Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. That reports the Financial Times based on sources within the company.

Unlike Google Glass, Amazon’s glasses could not get a screen, but completely sound based. Headphones or earphones do not fit in because the noise will be sent through the spectacles directly through the skull bone to the auditory nerve. The glasses get the smart assistence of Alexa and can be controlled by speech.

The smart glasses could solve Amazon’s problem: Unlike competitors such as Apple (Siri) and Google (Assistant), the company does not make its own smartphones that can put Alexa on the man. Amazon tried to enter the smartphone market three years ago, but her Fire Phone turned out to be a flop. With her smart Echo speaker, linked to Alexa, the company got a lot more success. The popularity of Amazon makes it possible to enter another market, the wearables.

In addition to the glasses, Amazon also wants to develop a security camera that can be linked to the Echo devices, know the  Financial Times . In any case, one of the two products should come on the market before the end of the year, and possibly both.

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