Municipality of Rotterdam and Port Company start fieldlab for blockchain technology

The Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam jointly develop a fieldlab to develop concrete applications and solutions based on blockchain technology. The practice center is called ‘BlockLab’.

BlockLab has been initiated and funded by the Port of Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam and is supported by the regional development company InnovationQuarter. The opening is therefore in the hands of Allard Castelein, President of the Port of Rotterdam Port Authority, Rotterdam District Governor Maarten Struijvenberg and Director of InnovationQuarter, Rinke Zonneveld. During the opening, not only teams and ambitions are presented, but immediately the first practical applications are being developed, which were developed during the initial phase.

Blockchain technology is considered to be one of the most crucial innovation areas of this moment. The basic principle is that users can do transactions without the intervention of third parties. Data technology ensures checks and balances and provides automatic processing. This makes it possible to set up large networks, chains and markets many times more efficiently without the need for a dominant regulatory party. This applies to companies, individuals and even machines. For example, Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin. “Everywhere you hear the cry blockchain, but fully operational applications are still sown,” says Struijvenberg. “With BlockLab we will change that. That’s important because we need real renewal for the next economy. Blockchain can help that. “?

For example, blockchain makes it possible to set up a decentralized decentralized energy network, in which companies sell residual heat and urban electricity. This will boost the port and city energy transition statement. “That makes us very interesting,” adds Castelein. “But I also think of the many applications that enable blockchain within the logistics chains to organize goods flows more efficiently. This step seamlessly adheres to our “smartest port” ambitions. ”

Stock financing port logistics
The first concrete projects presented at the official opening date include a blockchain application for stock financing in port logistics developed in cooperation with Exact and ABN AMRO. It also announces which innovation partners receive funding to develop blockchain applications for the energy market.

Team and application
The BlockLab launches a five-core core team and is located in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. In the fieldlab, theoretical blockchain ideas, with consortia of developers and users, are developed in a practice environment, tested and elaborated into concrete opportunities. In addition, the lab serves as a source of knowledge for the regional business community. With the Rotterdam University, a curriculum is developed to organize blockchain talent.

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