Dropbox DBX Platform offers package of APIs and tools for developers

Dropbox announces the DBX Platform, a composite package of APIs and tools for developers. The platform makes it possible to build new features on top of Dropbox and offers more options to developers and partners.

The launch of the DBX Platform includes the release of new API features and new integrations with Atlassian’s JIRA software, AutoCAD from Autodesk and Microsoft Outlook, which makes use of Dropbox features within these productivity-enhancing tools.

Dropbox receives over two milard API calls a day. The company works with over 500,000 developers who build applications and services on the DBX Platform, from small businesses to large businesses. This momentum is also accompanied by a huge increase in end-user usage; Over 75 percent of the teams now use links with one or more third-party solutions.

Dropbox wants to support teams using the DBX Platform as a bridge between productivity enhancing tools. Therefore, individual users and teams can now use integration with the Atireian JIRA software. Additionally, users can log in to Dropbox for early access to a new add-in within Microsoft’s Outlook mail service.

A new integration with Autodesk will soon follow. This allows users to access their content directly in the AutoCAD desktop application. This integration complements existing integrations with the AutoCAD and A360 mobile cloud applications.

The links create a strong combination of Dropbox’s core features – sync and collaboration – and the functional qualities and size of each partner. These additions, in turn, represent a more powerful ecosystem of existing integrations with DBX Platform partners, including Adobe, DocuSign, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Slack, and in the future.

New and comprehensive API features on DBX Platform

Developers play a key role in the growth and size of the DBX Platform, and therefore, Dropbox has recently released three new APIs. These are the following tools that are generally free of charge from now on:

The new API Metadata, which allows developers to customize metadata labels and values ​​to Dropbox files using third-party applications. This makes it easier to search information.

The new API File Requests, which allow developers to automate the creation of file requests and include requests in other workflows. This new endpoint is an extension to the widely used Dropbox feature that allows users to simply retrieve files and images from others.

The recently released API Paper, which allows developers to integrate Paper directly into third-party applications, including the creation and editing functionality. In addition, Dropbox recently announced that Paper is being integrated with new design tools, including InVision, Figma Integration, Trello Signal Visualization and Sketch Preview.

The recently released APIs were all built on Dropbox API V2, which appeared for the first time in 2015 and was intended to make the platform even more consistent. Dropbox is also planning to implement improvements in the UI and performance of the Drop-ins Chooser and Saver later this year.

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