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Open source is expanding

Even during my vacation, the open source movement keeps me busy. Previously, I wrote about thenature of open source software , and security . Now the range of initiatives is in my mind.

Ever started as a move when Netscape announced in 1988 the source code of Navigator (who still knows this browser), open source software has spread like an oil spill. Great familiarity with Linux as a “free” Unix variant. With this, the server (server) operating system gained a solid site at the edge of the network.


Fortunately, it did not last. I notice that almost every day when I see how our portfolio grows. Open source explores the other elements of the network environment. Just look at the sounding names of the companies that are behind the OpenStack initiative; SUSE is really not the only company to see the added value here. This project provides tools for building and managing cloud platforms. In an automated world that is increasingly complex and diverse, companies feel the need to work together to stay on top of business. In addition, it is much more fun to work together than just catching a fly.


Or look at Ceph: A scalable software-defined storage system running on commodity hardware and providing Object, Block and File system storage in one self-managing and correcting platform without single-point or failure. All open source and open to anyone to use, customize and integrate. Open Source now comes with CAD, Backup, Finance, CRM, 3D. The list is almost endless and is still growing.

This way of working together (collectively) is more and more common in other branches. It’s only called it differently. For example, the Building Information Model (BIM); put together the shoulders to get the best solution.

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