Google Cloud adds two new features to Cloud Natural Language

Google Cloud announces two new features of Google Cloud Natural Language that help companies organize their content better. They also get a better insight into the sentiment of their customers.Google Cloud Natural Language API helps businesses to extract important information from written data.

From documents to blog posts, from emails to social media updates: There have never been so many ways to communicate through the written word. For companies, this is both a challenge and an opportunity. After all, how do you remain responsive as a company with this growth in communication channels? More importantly; How do you get useful insights from all this content?

Auto Content Rating

Content classification automatically categorizes documents and content into over 700 different categories. These range from art and entertainment, hobbies and leisure activities, legislation and government, news to health and more. This is, inter alia, of added value for industries such as media and publishing houses, which traditionally have to sort, label and categorize content manually. By machine learning with Cloud Natural Language, these companies can now automatically analyze the meaning of texts. Thus, content can be organized more efficiently.

Sentiment analysis is the second new feature of Cloud Natural Language. Previously, the sentiment of a sentence or block of text was analyzed; Now companies can also analyze the sentiment of places or things. An example of a company that makes use of this is Motorola. This company analyzes customer sentiment about their products through Entity Sentiment Analysis. Feedback that arrives through various sources such as Twitter, online community forums and emails is quickly converted into useful results. This enables the company to better serve the customer.

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