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Digital Trust Center officially announced

The government will establish a Digital Trust Center (DTC) in 2018. This center is collaborating with digital security entrepreneurs and provides information on threats as advice on measures.

The establishment of the DTC was announced by Minister Kamp (photo) of Economic Affairs in a Chamber of Commerce. Kamp: “Cyber ​​security is the basis for a promising digital economy where entrepreneurs minimize risks in their processes and ensure consumers are reliable services and products. The Netherlands has a successful ICT sector, but knowledge and investment in cybersecurity is still insufficient in companies in other sectors. With the establishment of a Digital Trust Center in 2018, the government meets the wishes of companies to help them with up-to-date information on risks and advice about digital security. ”

For a long time, the Ministry of Security and Justice’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is available to provide vital sector organizations with information and advice. This includes water companies, energy companies, telecom companies and the government itself. However, this center is not available for companies from non-vital sectors. The DTC will focus on advising these sectors.

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