Access42 and Mimecast are working together

Access42 and Mimecast are working together to strengthen the services of both companies. Mimecast’s email  solutions and Access42’s full-service cybersecurity services are combined to help customers out of business.

Customers nowadays need more advice on cybersecurity. In addition, they need products that prevent malicious people from gaining access to their valuable data. Access42 plays in with Mimecast’s products. Mimecast was founded in 2003 and has offices in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia and recently in the Netherlands. Access42 was founded in 2016 by Ronald Kingma and is an independent player in the cybersecurity market.

Phishing or spearphishing

Over 90% of hack attempts arrive via email or spearphishing email. Mimecast services protect email communications from over 26,000 customers and millions of users worldwide against targeted attacks, data protection, malware and spam. These services are combined with Access42’s cybersecurity service package.

Ronald Kingma (photo), former founder of ISSX / Securelabs and co-founder of Access42 about collaboration: “We are pleased with this collaboration. We want to completely detach our customers by awareness, detection, protection and incident response. Mimecast fits particularly well within our Cyber ​​Defense Center services by providing detection and protection. We can now provide our customers with protection against all threats that come through the email. In addition, we can help them with cyber resilience by providing alternatives and continuity around email and archiving. Email is still the primary means of communication for most organizations and it is therefore important that this channel is secure and reliable. “

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